Website Design & Development

We will take you through the entire process – domain registration, hosting, design and social network integration, design and social network integration.

There is a lot that can go into a website, but we’ll be sure to break it down for you and allow you to focus on content while we focus on the design and development of your website.

Over the years, we have worked on a number of websites and digital platforms for our clients. From simple blogs to corporate websites with contact forms and to e-commerce platforms that facilitate the use of credit card payments by customers.

We hand control over to you

Your websites is yours. Websites that we develop are all based on top of user-friendly content management systems. Content management systems allow us to separate content from code, allowing you to add, edit and remove content from a user-friendly environment that’s separate from the structure of your site.

Our team can help you through the entire process that goes into building a website.


We’ve created both corporate and personal blogs for use by our clients. Corporate blogs are a fantastic way to encourage information flow within and outside your company, allowing for engagement and a more sincere online presence.

Unfortunately, we’ve also often seen the pitfalls that a blog can create: dead blogs with the last entry dating back to the mid-2000s! If you don’t think that you can generate enough content on a regular basis to keep engagement then a newsletter sign-up form is a great alternative.

  • Post content to update your customers or share ideas with readers online
  • Allow users to subscribe to newsletters and avoid the pressure of maintaining regularity with blog posts

Corporate and NGO websites

Though Facebook is a great first step in establishing an online presence, it is often important for businesses to have their own website.

Having your very own website allows you to have full control over your content and it also provides you as a business or NGO with a more established image.

  • We’ll work on a design that carries across your brand identity
  • Easily manage your content using popular and user-friendly content management systems

eCommerce websites

We’ve developed e-commerce platforms that feature full credit card integration. You will only be responsible for gathering the information about your catalog and liaising with your bank while we handle the rest.

Our team has worked with First Atlantic Commerce that allows merchants based in Trinidad and Tobago to process credit payments, as well as with CitiBank, through Payeezy to facilitate payments for US-based banks.

  • Receive credit card payments entirely online from your customers
  • Easily manage your stock and product catalog via a easy to use web interface

Custom Web Applications

If what you’re envisioning doesn’t fall into one of any of the typical definitions of a website, our team also has experience with working on custom web applications for our clients.

With an idea in mind, our team can sit with you and help you flesh out your ideas that we can then develop into an application for you or your business.

  • We’ll develop a custom software solution based on your needs
  • Our team can fine-tune your workflow ideas and visualize it with the use of a flowchart