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We are W5H Solutions, providing IT services to individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium sized businesses.

Our mission is to make information technology simple for everyday individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Providing simple solutions to your everyday tech problems

Get an IT infrastructure that you can rely on. We can help you build and maintain the backbone of your workflow or business operations through our skillset.

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How We Work

We get you involved

What do you want to do? We work to try and keep things simple and stupid. By working together we can establish a clear vision.

We look at all our options

Starting over from scratch may seem like an easy way out of what seems to be a complete dead end scenario, but it is often a waste of capable resources.

We think about cost

Technology has a bad reputation of being overcomplicated and expensive. We don’t think that it has to be. We work with you to discuss your needs and limitations.

Our Tools and Experience

We've worked with a range of technology stacks and platforms. If you're unsure of what this means, don't worry. This list is for the more tech-savvy customer.

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