On-site & Off-site Technical Support

Round the clock support for your IT infrastructure. We can provide that for you with prompt and affordable on and off-site technical support.

We can provide you with prompt and affordable on and off-site technical support

We provide professional maintenance and support for your business as well as for most software systems and applications developed by third parties. We have evolved a mature and well-defined application support and maintenance process that allows us to effectively and efficiently capture the application environment as well as the business activity.

On-site Technical Support

Our on-site technical support services include troubleshooting and repairs. There may sometimes be situations where it would be difficult to explain the issue you may be having, or the solution to the problem is simply outside of the user's field of expertise. In that scenario, W5H Solutions can deploy a team member on-site to provide support and get you back up and running.

Off-site Technical Support

In contrast to the last scenario, some problems can be solved through remote communications. We can provide remote support via remote desktop technologies such as Teamviewer or Anydesk. Using remote desktop technologies allow us to guide you or your staff through the process of rectifying the problem you may be having, or we can take direct control of the machine and resolve it ourselves if necessary. Off-site technical support is a great way to get assistance near instantaneously and through limited contact after the age of COVID-19.

Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Technical support to your team is one scenario, but W5H Solutions can also provide monthly preventative maintenance services. We can perform on-site or remote preventative maintenance of all of your servers to ensure proper performance and reduce the likelihood of downtime and failure. Typical preventative maintenance includes:

  1. Check and review backups for completion and content.
  2. Perform a test restore and/or virtual sever mount to make sure the backup data is recoverable.
  3. Review firewall and intrusion detection logs. Update firewalls and routers to latest firmware versions.

Customized Support Solutions

As one size does not fit all, W5H Solutions is happy to provide our customers with a customized plan that best suits their needs. After an initial discussion and analysis, we can come up with a flexible plan together that offers a mix of both on-site and off-site support from our trusted team members.