Network Setup & Maintenance

We provide network services that include the setup and maintenance of both wired and wireless networks.

Any network needs to be designed to scale as your business expands. From the ground-up, scalability and security should be an important factor in designing your network. We have worked with multiple clients in going through the network design process from start to finish, or with upgrading their current. We can provide you with a network that:

  1. Can scale with your business
  2. From the ground up, is secured with best practices
  3. Is reliable and fault tolerant

Initial Assessment and Configuration

We’ll work with you to make an assessment of your current and likely future needs so that we can implement a network that works for you today and won’t need to be ripped out and replaced when you are ready to expand.

We take great pride in offering enterprise grade networks for the small and medium enterprise markets affordably. We do this by planning planning planning so that we can get it right from the jump, as well as using equipment from various vendors to maximize the value proposition.

Get reliable setup and maintenance of your wired and wireless networks.

Network Reconfiguration

Our team will work with you to evaluate your existing network and help you address any deficiencies in a step-by-step and orderly manner.

Always keeping the value proposition top of mind, we will do our best to implement any new functionality utilizing as much of your existing network and with as little disruption to your production environments as possible.

  • Optimize your network by removing needless and/or legacy equipment and access points
  • Secure your network by allowing us to do a full review and cover your blind spots

Network Failovers

As we become more and more dependent on our local IT infrastructure and the internet, we have to make extra efforts that we stay online, even in the event of ISP downtime or hardware failures. We can help keep you online and productive.

  • We can implement and integrate multiple internet connections to your network with seamless failover and monitoring of those connections
  • Setup up built-in redundancy to your on-premise networks by enabling HA (High Availability) services on your firewall/router/switching equipment

WiFi and Guest Networks

WiFi can be a complex beast, especially if you need to deploy at scale. We can help you make sense of the different standards and requirements, particularly when it comes to security.

  • Set up a separate guest WiFi network which blocks users from accessing your main/corporate network
  • Blacklist websites that you wouldn’t want guests accessing on your WiFi network
  • Create a captive portal or login page for your guest WiFi users

VPN Configuration

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) can help you to expand your corporate networks across locations or enable secure remote access for field or work-from-home users.

Site-to-Site VPNs can be used to provide secure network access across multiple local networks, for example between Head Offices and Branch Offices.

  • Replace expensive MPLS or MetroE with standard broadband connections, even while mixing ISPs
  • Encrypt all traffic between sites that can prevent even your broadband providers from looking in on your data
  • Enable granular control of traffic between locations with firewall rules
  • Extend services between locations such as IP Telephone (VoIP), CCTV, network and server monitoring, etc.