Application Deployment

We provide professional software installation and maintenance

We can assist you in maximizing your investment by offering pre-consultation before you make a software purchase, or assist you in finding a software solution that perfectly matches your idealized workflow. Our process involves:

  1. Problem recognition: we first define the problem and consider resolutions taking into account your current situation. Too often do persons rush into purchasing software that they do not, and are not, capable of fully utilizing.

  2. Software installation: once a solution has been agreed upon, we can facilitate the installation of your software.

  3. Training staff based on their day-to-day usage: this involves helping your staff adapt their day-to-day activities to the software.

  4. Follow-up Scheduled Maintenance and Assistance: after the installation process, W5H Solutions is available to manage any software upgrades and maintenance or to provide support for any issues you may encounter for a period of up to two months.

Application Upgrades and Maintenance

Oftentimes, you may find yourself using software that may have been bought or developed years ago. As operating systems upgrade and workflows change, it's very likely that you may look upon your current software setup and think about upgrading it. Unfortunately, you may not or may no longer be equipped to best facilitate the upgrade process either due to a lack of on-hand IT staff familiar with the software or because the software is simply antiquated and no longer widely support.

If you find yourself in that situation, our team can come in and look at the capabilities of the software in use and available options to ensure longevity. Sometimes you may be able to upgrade to a newer version of the software, or you may be forced to migrate your data and processes over into a new piece of software. W5H Solutions can assist you in either case.

Software Support

In the long-haul, we can arrange with you to provide scheduled support. This support can be done remotely to ensure maximum non-disruption of your work. Our support services include direct access to our team that would be trained in the very same software that you and/or your staff need assistance with. Our support options can be done over the phone, through email or through support tickets submitted to us to ensure a timely response through the most convenient option for you.