Application Deployment

We can provide you with professional software installation and maintenance for our own software as well as software developed by third parties.

Maximize your investment by receiving pre-consultation services from a member of our time before you make a software purchase. Not sure what software is right for you? Then we can assist you in finding software that perfectly matches your idealized workflow.

The right software is an investment

We can help you avoid the pitfall of investing in complicated software that is outside the scope of your business, or trying to save money by investing in cheaper software that isn’t able to keep up with your business as it grows. Our team can work with you to know exactly what your needs and requirements are before you make your decision.

W5H Solutions provides professional software installation and maintenance for our own software as well as for software developed by third parties.

Application Upgrades and Maintenance

You may often find yourself using software that has been developed and bought many years ago. As operating systems upgrade and workflows change, it’s very likely that the software you’re currently using may need to be upgraded or replaced altogether.

In that scenario, our team can come in and look at the capabilities of the software in use and available options to ensure longevity and avoid the headache that can come with upgrading software that can sometimes be the core of your business operations.

  • Get assistance when upgrading to a newer version of software
  • We’ll take care of any necessary data backups and migrations

Software Support

We can arrange with you to provide scheduled support for a long-term period. Depending on our arrangement, support can be performed remotely to avoid the potential disruption and non-immediacy that a site visit may involve.

  • Get direct access to our team
  • Our staff will be trained to be familiar with the very same software that you and/or your staff need assistance with
  • Get support via email, phone or support tickets submitted to us through our support portal