Server and Domain Installation

We can install Windows-based and Linux/UNIX-based servers, domains and solutions for you or your company.

A server acts as the backbone of many businesses across the globe. A reliable server offers businesses the opportunity to centralize their data. Allow all employees to pull and push data to one location that can then be backed up and managed to prevent loss of data or having to independently monitor workstations for all staff.

A reliable server enables you and your staff to focus on their work and not worry about duties that should be handled by a more tech-savvy user. W5H Solutions offers installation, maintenance and upgrade services for servers.

Our team can implement Windows-based and Linux/UNIX-based servers and domains for you or your organization.

Server Installation

We can handle the selection of hardware on which to build your server on. The physical machine aside, we can also handle the selection of support equipment to ensure limited downtime such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A UPS, in the case of a power outage, will keep your server running for an extended amount of time.

  • Avoid the heavy investment in server equipment by getting one custom built for your needs
  • Cover your blind spots by having our experience team outline the equipment you’ll need
  • Minimize the risk of data loss and downtime by having us select auxiliary supports and accessories for your server

Server Maintenance

With servers having such an important role in your business, it is very important that they also be properly managed and maintained. We can offer periodical maintenance services to your installed server, even if the server was not installed by our team.

  • We can check any system logs for unusual or suspicious activity
  • Our team can review updates and patches before scheduling critical system updates
  • Health of hard drives will be checked

Server Upgrades

Overtime, your server may need to be upgraded. or replaced entirely. This upgrade may be a hardware upgrade or a software upgrade in the case of a server running an application. If not properly handled, a server upgrade can bring extended downtime and severely impact the productivity of your operations.

We can make an analysis on how best to facilitate the upgrade process, ensuring limited downtime and a seamless transition to the upgraded server for you and your staff.

We can outline an action plan that ensures minimal downtime

Avoid the mounting pressure of having to perform a server upgrade by having us handle the hard work for you

  • We can outline an action plan that ensures minimal downtime
  • Avoid the mounting pressure of having to perform a server upgrade by having us handle the hard work for you

Server Data Security & Recovery

For servers, we can provide the same solutions that we offer individuals for their data security: cloud backup solutions and physical hard drive configurations. However, in some cases, you may be managing multiple virtual machines (VMs) to support your workflow.

In the case of VMs, it may be more ideal to backup per VM instead of the entire host machine. In some cases, this configuration is preferred as in the event of data loss or corruption, it would be much faster to recover the affected VM(s) as opposed to recovering the entire host.

  • Backup individual VMs that can be recovered individually as opposed to the entire host
  • Secure your data and work without the worry of data loss
  • Quickly recover any loss data in any worst case scenarios