Social Media Management

In today’s world, internet marketing strategies cannot be undertaken without considerable attention being paid to social networking. Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming, or have already become in many instances, the dominant platform through which companies interface with their customers.

Facebook’s growth has been phenomenal, passing 500 Million users in the middle of 2010. Twitter has now passed the 100 Million user milestone as well. In additon to these two networks, there are others which cater to more specific segments of the market.LinkedIn is one of these and it can be an invaluable tool for employee recruitment and job seekers.

Social Media Management services from us can help you navigate the new frontier of internet advertising.

Social Networks as a marketing tool has many benefits:

  • Relatively inexpensive compared to traditional media
  • Instant publication and instant feedback
  • Direct interaction with your customers and fans
  • Maintaining contact with the younger demographic.
  • Immediate Responses to Crises

How Can Social Media Use Benefit You?


Advertising on Social Networking sites is an important channel through which you can raise awareness of your brand. It is a relatively cheap method of advertising and you are able to target the ads to specific demographic groups. Additionally, you are provided with detailed statistics on actual user interaction with your ads and pages.

Customer Service

Social networking sites such as Facebook allow for immediate one on one communication with your customers. By utilising this channel, you will be able to assist customers with any problems before they escalate. You will benefit from a clearer understanding of how actual customers use your products and may be able to improve on the product or anticipate the needs of your customers.

Promotions, Public Relations and Damage Control

Facebook, Twitter and the like have become invaluable Public Relations tools which are used extensively in the lead-up to the launch of promotions and competitions which are designed to encourage consumer participation. These sites are also used to give your company a voice  with which you can speak directly to consumers to counter bad press or rumours which may be circulating. Of course, for this to be effective, you must have a social presence established BEFORE the advent of any mishaps/disasters which may need t be controlled.

Networking, Recruitment

Anyone in business knows the importance of networking and shaking hands. Social networks allow you to do this on a bigger, virtual scale. Virtual it may be, but if done correctly, this can lead to tangible business prospects, especially in the B2B (business to business) arena. Linked In, and to a lesser extent Facebook, can be of tremendous use, whether you are seeking to market yourself or your company or to recruit new talent.