IT Services

Our goal is to provide Information Technology and IP Telephony services to individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium sized businesses.

The Mix – Finding the RIGHT Mix of Propriety and Open Source

Windows, Apple, Linux, FreeBSD, Cisco, SharePoint, WordPress… So many solutions, but they can’t all work for you. We can help you sort through the marketing speak and help you find the solution that best fits your NEEDS. The VALUE proposition is the major factor.

IT Solutions

Networking – We can take care of your network infrastructure needs. Cabling, rack-mount enclosures, switches/hubs, patch panels. Technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) can be leveraged to reduce cable clutter.

Servers – Windows and Linux based. Servers are deployed based on user requirements. Windows and Linux Open Source solutions chosen based on several factors, including budget, capabilities needed and interoperability with existing solutions, if any.

Security – All businesses, large or small, need to protect themselves from unauthorized access to propriety data, such as customer records. We can provide our specialized Firewall solutions which can integrate with whatever type of Internet connection you may have. There are other levels of protection offered such as anti-virus and anti-spam…

Intranets – IT Works can setup for you intra-office portal websites which can help boost productivity by allowing collaboration and sharing of information. These can also be used to streamline common business processes, facilitating a reduction in paper use.

IM – Intra office Instant Messaging which can be integrated with IP Phone system to show users status (on phone, etc)

Computer Repairs

We carry out repairs and upgrades on all makes and models of desktop and notebook computers. If the components needed for the repairs are not available locally, we will import the required items to carry out the repair. This repair and maintenance service extends to servers as well. Data recovery in the event of a crashed hard drive can also be carried out by us.


If you are using free email for conducting business for your organization, you need to upgrade. is professional; is not. We can provide for your organization POP3, IMAP or Exchange email. This email is accessible via the Web as well and can also be setup for access on your Internet enabled mobile phone (Blackberry, et al).

VPNs, Road Warriors and Tele-Commuters

If you’ve ever travelled abroad or decided to work from home and wished for access to your corporate network, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs allow you to SECURELY connect to the office network in an essentially seamless manner. Access the corporate intranet…

Non-Destructive Repair

Your data is more important than the computer itself. Computers are replaceable, but years of work lost can be expensive, time intensive or positively impossible to recreate. W5H Solutions bears that in mind and takes great care to safeguard your data throughout the repair process. Windows reloads will no longer mean losing your data.


Keep It Simple (Stupid) is one of the guiding philosophies here at W5H Solutions. We will always suggest the simplest solution that WORKS today and will WORK tomorrow. W5H Solutions always strives to explain fully all technologies which we implement as we believe that it is vitally important that our clients understand what is taking place. All new technical deployments must add VALUE to your organization.


Hardware failures , electrical events, natural disasters… At some point you will need to rely on a backup to get up and running again. Having a sensible backup plan and putting it into practice is essential. Let us help you choose the right plan for you, whether it be tape, RAID, onsite or offsite.