Personal Vehicle Tracking

Peace of mind cannot be valued, especially when it comes to your family. Allow us to equip your vehicles with our GPS Tracking devices. We offer both real-time and demand-based tracking as our vehicles tracking devices are flexible. You may switch between the tracking modes as you requirements and budget allow.


  • Find out the location of your loved ones if they are unreachable for a period of time
  • Remotely Immobilize a  car if it has been stolen
  • Be notified if you car has left a designated safe area
  • Know where you car has been
  • Know the speed at while your vehicle is travelling
  • SOS – Vehicles are equipped with SOS buttons which can be activated by the drivers at times of duress

Teenage Drivers

If you’ve been dreading the day that your teenager earns his or her driver’s license, then you should consider enabling your cars with GPS Tracking. Doing so will remove the guesswork out of your kids driving habits. For example, you can be notified  if the speed limit is being broken or if they have left a designated safe zone. Of course, historical tracking is also available so that you can see where they’ve been.

How does it work?

Your vehicle fleet is displayed in real time on a map in a web browser; there is also mobile phone support. You can select a vehicle to follow and also get more detailed information about its current status.

Alerts from your vehicles are also shown in the web browser, both as a list of events and markers on the map. Alert configuration is very flexible can include things like speeding, unexpected movement, fuel theft or driver SOS alarms.

Take control of your vehicles and the safety of your loved ones. Call or email us today and let us show you how easy, affordable and effective GPS based Fleet Management can be. Contact Us Here.