The Cloud, explained

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The Cloud may strike you as a fairly new buzzword, but the truth is that the cloud has been around for many years. Even more surprising to you may be the realization that you have been using the cloud for a very long time without having been aware of it. The Cloud – What is it? The Cloud refers to the storage and processing of data and application on servers or computers which reside on the internet and not on servers which are in the same geographical location as the user. These servers can be located any where in the world, and it is...

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NFC (Near Field Communication) Primer

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Chances are that you’ve noticed that every major smartphone manufacturer has announced, or that rumours abound of, plans to implement Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on their devices. While NFC may seem like a new thing to those of us in the West, the truth is that it has been around for quite a while in markets such as the EU and Japan. But what is it? NFC is a short range wireless technology which, unlike other wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi which rely on direct radio transmissions, depends on the interaction...

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The Netbook Is Dead… Long Live the Tablet?

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2011 may go down as The Year of the Tablet. Every major electronics manufacturer and their corporate mother will be releasing some form of tablet form factor portable device. Some will win, and some will lose, but the real loser will be the netbook. The netbook is a class of computer that I love to hate. Netbooks are underpowered and provide a less than ideal value proposition. The tiny keyboards are a total mess to type on and the reliance on the trackpad/mouse for navigation is less than perfect. Netbooks sold (and sold well) for a number of...

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