About Us

W5H Solutions Ltd. is an Information Technology solutions provider which focuses on the Small to Medium Sized Business sector. We are committed to delivering enterprise class solutions to individuals, entrepreneurs and SMBs at prices which are significantly lower than you might expect.

Enabling us to do this is our guiding principle of “The Right Mix”. We combine solutions, both Open-Source and Propriety to create solutions which are not evolutionary dead-ends and which can grow with your company. We strive to remove the complexity of systems for our customers; solutions which go unused are a waste of time and money.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • On-site technical support, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Off-site technical support via remote desktop technologies
  • PBX, VoIP and Telephony Solutions
  • GPS Tracking for Fleets and Personnel
  • Website Design and Development
  • Network setup and maintenance (wired and wireless)
  • Implementation of Windows based servers and domains
  • Implementation of Linux/UNIX solutions
  • Security – Virus prevention and recovery; Internet Firewall configuration
  • Data recovery in case of accidental deletion of hard drive failure
  • Corporate email set up and provisioning
  • Social media management
  • Setting up Corporate Intranets to facilitate document sharing and collaboration
  • Providing access to secure teleworking facilities with VPNs
  • Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms

In order for us to make a meaningful assessment of how we may assist you with your Information Technology needs, we would like to make a site visit to your premises. In this way, we will be able to see first-hand what technology infrastructure is already in place and get a feel for your work-flow and established business procedures. We will then be able to put forward some recommendations in a comprehensive proposal. Naturally, this will be free of charge and will have no obligation attached.

Who, What, Where, Why, When and How? Solutions for YOU.


We are a small, dedicated team of  IT Professionals with decades of experience. We excel at delivering solutions to YOU.


What we provide to you are solutions relevant to your requirements. Every client is unique and we work with YOU to ensure that our proposals will add value to your organisation’s business processes.


We will be where you are, working with you in person to ensure that your insights are factored in. You will feel as though we are working together on the same team.


There must always be sound reasoning behind every business decision. This especially applies to IT related spending as too often solutions are implemented for the wrong reasons, resulting in further spending to remedy the problems caused


IT is simply a tool to allow your business to function more efficiently. Time plays a very important part in our implementation decisions.


Putting our expertise to work for you, we use what we consider to be the right technology for every unique problem. That involves a mix of propriety and open-source software.

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